Speed Up WordPress Page Load Time With Three Plugins

Test Your WordPress Website’s Page Load Time

Scan your WordPress website with GTmetrix. If your site scores poorly for any of the following three recommendations, then these plugins can help speed up your WordPress website’s page load time:

  1. Defer parsing of JavaScript
  2. Remove query strings from static resources
  3. Optimize the order of styles and scripts

Install and Activate These Plugins

If your website meets this criteria, then simply install and activate the following three WordPress plugins to improve your Page Speed Grade in GTmetrix and speed up your WordPress website.

Scripts To Footer

Scripts To Footer WordPress Plugin

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources WordPress Plugin

WP Deferred Javascripts

WP Deferred Javascripts WordPress Plugin


Test Your Website For JavaScript Errors

Now make sure the installation and activation of these plugins didn’t cause any JavaScript errors on your website. If it did, just disable and remove them one at a time to identify which one is causing the problem and delete it. Then re-test your website in GTmetrix and smile about how easily you just improved your website’s load time. Now share your results on social media and be sure to include a link to this article so others can improve their WordPress website’s page load time and smile along with you.


  1. In my case changing the hosting provider was everything.
    My WP blog has a pretty small size an almost all pages because the key to a high loading speed is the size of the page.


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