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How To Manage Tags with Qubit’s Opentag Tag Management

Using a tag management service such as Qubit allows you to easily keep track of all your tags via a centralized dashboard. Here is how and why to do it.

How Name Servers & DNS Records Work

Name Servers & DNS records seem to intimidate people more than they should. This post is my attempt at ending their intimidation.

12 Tips to Boost Your Content’s Social Shares

12 actionable tips to help you maximize the exposure of your content via social shares.

How to setup a CDN in WordPress Using WP Super Cache

Anyone that takes their website seriously should use a CDN. If you take your website seriously and it runs on WordPress, here's an easy guide on how to set one up.

WordPress Theme Development Resources

Starter responsive themes, frameworks, plugins, tools and references useful for anyone developing a custom WordPress theme.

The Social Media Content Sharing Automation Framework

This framework is designed to save time and maximize exposure by automating the process of sharing manually curated content with your followers. This is...