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27 Advanced Segment Templates for Google Analytics

Advanced segments in Google Analytics are one of the most powerful tools for gaining immense insight into your visitors. Not utilizing them is a HUGE mistake for any web site owner. For this reason I've spent the time creating, collecting and consolidating them to aid you in your Google Analytics mastery.

Best Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2016

There are a plethora of Cyber Monday WordPress deals available for themes, plugins and hosting. Rather than list all of the potential Cyber Monday WordPress deals I have decided to only list the best.

Moving WordPress to HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt

A straightforward guide to moving your WordPress website to HTTPS using Let's Encrypt. Want to make the switch? Click here to learn how to properly do so.

Don’t waste your f(.*?)king time, use Search Regex

If you're not using Search Regex you may be wasting an insane amount of your time without realizing it. Find out why!

AMP Up WordPress with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

Learn how to make your website load in 1/4 the time using WordPress in conjunction with Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Speed up your site now!

How To Block WordPress Referral Spam

Referral spam can cause a lot of problems for you when trying to make sense of your Google Analytics data. Here's how to avoid those problems in WordPress.