How To Manage Passwords Effectively Using KeePass Password Safe

Why Manage Passwords with KeePass Password Safe?

  • It’s Open Source, meaning it’s free and constantly being improved upon
  • You decide where your passwords are stored
  • It’s easy to manage passwords and store relevant notes for all your various accounts
  • There are many plugins to make it work for you, in the way you want
  • It allows you to have highly secure and unique complicated passwords for all your accounts, but you only have to remember one password
  • Manage passwords in an organized fashion in a hierarchy of folders
  • Combined with DropBox and some plugins it’s extremely easy to use, whenever and wherever you are

Download & Install the following


KeePass Password Safe:

KeePass Password Safe Favicon Downloader Plugin:

Password Management Setup

  1. Create a DropBox account and map your DropBox to your file system
  2. Make sure two-factor authentication is enabled in DropBox (i.e. so you need your cell phone to login)
  3. Open KeePass and create a new password database, set a master password and save the database file in your DropBox folder
  4. Unpack the Favicon Downloader Plugin ZIP file to a directory of your choice
  5. Copy the unpacked plugin files into the KeePass directory (where the KeePass.exe is)
  6. Restart KeePass in order to load the new plugin
  7. Add exact URL of login page & use exact Page Title of login page as name (a quick way to get the page title is to click the star in Chrome to add the page as a bookmark and then just copy the title without actually bookmarking it)
  8. Add your logins/passwords to the KeePass database that you saved in your DropBox folder
  9. Go to Tools > Download Favicons for all entries to get easy to visually identify Favicons matching your logins/passwords

KeePass Password Safe Usage

  1. Open the KeePass database from your DropBox folder
  2. Double click on the URL of the site you want to login to
  3. Hit ctrl+alt+a to automatically fill in your login/password and log you in
  4. Save time ongoing, manage passwords effectively and have your password repository automatically backed up online, safely, securely and for free!



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