Internet Marketing News, Tutorials & Tools Roundup April 2014

Content Marketing

  • Want to make your content more viral? Find out why content goes viral based on data from over 100 million articles.
  • Think all you need is valuable content for it to get a lot of exposure? Think again, you need the power of story.
  • Which titles get the most clicks? See what HubSpot discovered from 11 revealing title tests.
  • Think you’re doing everything you can to maximize your social shares? I doubt you’re already doing all of these.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Tools

  • Are you running a contest or some other kind of a promotion in the near future? Maximize its success and social activity with Rafflecopter and/or Woobox.
  • Need ideas for new blog posts? Check out HubSpot’s blog topic generator and/or Portent’s content idea generator to help get your creative juices flowing.
  • Need help getting co-workers to engage more in social media? Make it dead simple for them with GaggleAMP.
  • Want to add relevant calls-to-action to links you’re sharing? Check out this elegant new free tool called
  • Want to automatically share content from your favorite blogs? Just and make sure to add Penguin Initiatives to your feed sources =P



  • CoSchedule’s awesome new Click To Tweet plugin makes it dead simple to create click to tweet links.
  • Want the best social sharing and social stats plugin for WordPress? Check out Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress.
  • Looking for a solid product  review plugin for WordPress that’s free? The new WP Product Review plugin is the best free one I’ve seen.
  • Do you integrate Google+ on your WordPress site? Are you sure you’re integrating it enough? The new, comprehensive SZ – Google for WordPress plugin makes it super easy to integrate the hell out of Google into your WordPress website.


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