Fastest & Best WordPress Themes

These are the fastest & best WordPress themes in 2014. I scanned all the best premium & responsive WordPress themes with GTmetrix and if they had a Page Speed Grade of B (80%) or higher they made the cut for fastest. This indicates that they were built with care, ensuring that they were built efficiently. If you want a fast loading, responsive WordPress website, any of these themes will serve you well.

The best WordPress themes were hand-picked because they were deemed the most flexible, clean, elegant, efficient & professional of them all.

Fastest WordPress Themes in 2014


Page Speed Grade: A (96%)

Skadi Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (96%)

Thesis Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (95%)

Haven Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (93%)

Renad Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (88%)

Codilight Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (88%)

Meth Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (85%)

Sidious Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (83%)

Divi Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (82%)

Zancudo Fastest WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (80%)

Carino Fastest WordPress Theme

Sweet Sunday

Page Speed Grade: B (80%)

Sweet Sunday Fastest WordPress Theme

Best WordPress Themes in 2014


Divi WordPress Theme


Angle WordPress Theme


Buzz WordPress Theme


Venus WordPress Theme


Carino WordPress Theme

Fastest WordPress Themes in 2013


Page Speed Grade: A (97%)

Vertex Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (95%)

GoodWork Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (94%)

3Clicks Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (94%)

Lucid Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (94%)

Pravda Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (93%)

Charitas Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (92%)

Fable Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (91%)

Scroller Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: A (90%)

Enfold Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (89%)

Foxy Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (89%)

Nimble Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (89%)

YellowProject Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (88%)

STARDUST Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (87%)

CoWorker Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (87%)

Reversal Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (86%)

Fusion Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (83%)

Gravity Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (82%)

HalfCreative Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (82%)

SmartBox Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (81%)

Bretheon Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (81%)

FEARLESS Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (80%)

Dixit Fast Loading WordPress Theme


Page Speed Grade: B (80%)

FICTION Fast Loading WordPress Theme

Best WordPress Themes in 2013


Enfold Responsive WordPress Theme


System Premium WordPress Theme


3Clicks Responsive WordPress Theme


4ALL Premium WordPress Theme


ThemeTastic Premium WordPress Theme


Sistina Premium WordPress Theme


The7 Premium WordPress Theme


GridStack Premium WordPress Theme


Bliss Premium WordPress Theme


Thunder Premium WordPress Theme


Flat Premium WordPress Theme


Newspaper Premium WordPress Theme


Limitless Premium WordPress Theme


Doctype Premium WordPress Theme


Visia Premium WordPress Theme


FEARLESS Responsive WordPress Theme


FICTION Responsive WordPress Theme


Kickstart Responsive WordPress Theme


Vertex Responsive WordPress Theme


Lucid Responsive WordPress Theme


Fable Responsive WordPress Theme


Foxy Responsive WordPress Theme


Nimble Responsive WordPress Theme


Fusion Responsive WordPress Theme


Avada Responsive WordPress Theme


Reversal Responsive WordPress Theme


Goodnex Responsive WordPress Theme


SimpleMag Responsive WordPress Theme

World Wide

World Wide Responsive WordPress Theme

Coffee & Cream

Coffee & Cream Responsive WordPress Theme


Glider Responsive WordPress Theme


Webpaint Responsive WordPress Theme


Tisson Responsive WordPress Theme


Scroller Responsive WordPress Theme


Flavor Responsive WordPress Theme


BookCard Responsive WordPress Theme


Dixit Responsive WordPress Theme


EWA Responsive WordPress Theme


Maxima Responsive WordPress Theme

Hot Topix

Hot Topix Responsive WordPress Theme


CoWorker Responsive WordPress Theme


GoodWork Responsive WordPress Theme


Pravda Responsive WordPress Theme


HalfCreative Responsive WordPress Theme


Charitas Responsive WordPress Theme


Cluster Responsive WordPress Theme


SmartBox Responsive WordPress Theme


Gravity Responsive WordPress Theme


Avamys Responsive WordPress Theme


Evermore Responsive WordPress Theme


Sirens Responsive WordPress Theme


Nevia Responsive WordPress Theme


KALLYAS Responsive WordPress Theme


YellowProject Responsive WordPress Theme


Lotus Responsive WordPress Theme


Bretheon Responsive WordPress Theme

Super Spark

Super Spark Responsive WordPress Theme


Inovado Responsive WordPress Theme


Nollie Responsive WordPress Theme


Pinpoint Responsive WordPress Theme

Did I miss any of the fastest or best WordPress themes?

If so, feel free to share any of the fastest or best WordPress themes I missed in the comments down below!

Also, keep in mind that even if you have the fastest WordPress theme there is, your load time can still be terrible if you don’t use one of the best WordPress hosting options.


  1. I would like to add another responsive theme that was born in 2013 (it was born a couple of minutes ago, actually); the Nexus Twenty Eleven v3. Its based on the GPL Nexus Framework, and thus features front-end editing (including page builder, multi header, sidebar and footer), its responsive and has an advanced (LESS-like) color theme based on CSS variables and its free forever free for everyone!

  2. None of the links work – can’t see templates. Error says: Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.

  3. Perhaps you have not seen my pagespeed wordpress theme, its page speed score is 96 along with all the ads and plugins. 🙂 Waiting for your kind attention

  4. Hi; this is interesting but i don’t understand how do you get those statistics. Charitas got 95% ! I doubt because i test it in Google PageSpeed Insights, and i get : 57% for mobile and 81% for desktop. So it is so far from 98%. So how or where do you get 98% ?

    • A ton of things can impact it, but what is the most important for a theme would be primarily: optimized images w/ specified dimensions (that match the actual dimensions of the image), utilizing CSS sprites (several commonly used images stored as a single image, chopped up and displayed as individual images using CSS), efficient stylesheets, efficient javascript (that’s loaded in the footer) and avoiding external file requests.

  5. You do not state the circumstances of your testing. For example, was it by using the theme’s on your own servers, or merely putting the theme demo URLs into GTMetrix? I suspect the latter, due to the very high scores.
    Looking around the web for people already using these themes on their own sites, and then placing those URLs into GTMetrix I received MUCH lower page loading spped scores.

    • Your hypothesis is correct, it was merely putting the theme demo URLs into GTMetrix. I did not purchase and install them all on my server for testing. So the scores are influenced by the quality of the server the demos are running on, but I feel that any theme developer who does quality work would ensure that they host their theme demos on a quality server. It is likely that many of the users of their themes are not ensuring their web servers are optimized for performance, so this discovery you’ve made makes sense to me. I’d be very curious to see how they scored all running on the same server, but it isn’t financially viable for me to perform such a test.

      • So it was an exercise in getting 24 affiliate links onto one page? LOL Never mind, I can’t blame you for that. We all have to earn a living. More power to you.

    • I think it’s because the theme demo pages are actually iframed (in most cases) and tools like GTMetrix are basing theri results on the container page.
      Bottom line is that most themes don’t defer javascript/css, use sprites, add etags etc which are all dcontributing factors for both page speed and site ranking relating to that speed. Pose that question to the theme developers and they all run for cover right now. Hopefuly, things will change (soon) for the better.

      • Hi
        I saw many TF demos using layersliders with tons of pics/animations and yet score good on pagespeed. However, when I tried them on my sites, the result was not even half as good. One theme “Senna” scores marvellously well, and averages above 75. Surprised you omitted it.

  6. I was going to recommend Frank, but it looks like Iconic and Frank and essentially one in the same: – I’m not aware of any other super fast loading, mobile-friendly WordPress themes that are free. At least, not that come close to the speed of Frank or Iconic. Sorry I can’t be of more help here. I plan to make a post on the best free WordPress themes, but there aren’t that many great ones so I’ve attempted and then gave up a couple of times already on such a post. One day I’ll get around to it though, cheers and good luck with your search. If you do find such a theme, please share the name of it with me.

  7. Nice list Andy
    I notice lots of Elegant Themes and StudioPress Genesis themes in there.
    Fortunately those are the two frameworks that I use.

    Also impresses with the number of A ratings that Elegant Themes have.

  8. Great post! Question for you…
    I am attempting to optimize the speed and SEO of my blog. The current theme on my wordpress blog is quailfire, which is suppose to be awesome for SEO optimization but isn’t very fast in loading. Would it behoove me to switch to a faster loading theme and loose quailfire?

    Thanks for any insight!

  9. Andy,

    Thanks! Such a huge premium on theme speed these days. You are quick or dead in the eyes of Google….and the average web visitor.

  10. While PageSpeed grades are important, simply having a good PageSpeed number does not mean your theme is fast to render. It means the code that finally made it to the person browser is, in theory, ‘efficient’. PageSpeed does not factor in how long the server took to compile said code, which is where a theme’s speed is truly measured.

  11. How fast is fast? I have researched and I cannot find any data that will be clear for me. My sites are so slow right now. I need to move out from SEOhosting. Pinging gives me 2.6, 3.5 and even :O
    I am testing different hosting companies. How many ms for load per wp site are ACCEPTaBLE?

    So what is fast? I use Udesign.

  12. Thanks for that list! So a B (88%) would have made it to your list. Correct? I am using the free ‘Responsive’ by Cyberchimp and got that score.

  13. Haven is quite frankly more like HEAVEN – it’s by far my most favorable one pager! I think everybody who use WP should take a deeper look on their speed score as most built-in themes are not that supportive when you have a bit more content or gadgets and in the end your site will fall far behind in Google search ranks. Well, I got some tips on what exactly to do from colorlib: – as actually there are quite many things you can improve, besides theme. Of course, changing the theme is the easiest one and I did that as the first thing. After trying multiple ones, I stayed true to Newsmag that I sourced from here: – they have literally thousands of fast WP themes! I suggest to take a look as I doubt you can’t find your favorite there.

  14. I don’t think you can just run GTMetrix tests on a bunch themes and then run a blog about it. Case in point is Avada – I notice it made the page. What GTMetrix won’t show you is the optimizations that Avada is doing to make the demo run fast that aren’t going to be affordable for most websites. 10.6 megs loading in 1.8ms? Really? Do you think the average hosting account is going to perform like this? They leave this part out. They also use CDN services on the demo for the massive amount of scripts that need to load even for the simplest pages. We’re looking at getting off Avada for these reasons. Not a fan. My $0.02


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