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How To Manually Update WordPress Themes Elegantly

Sometimes your WordPress theme just doesn't update properly using the standard update method for whatever reason. This is a guide on how to perform these updates manually when necessary in an elegant fashion.

Practical WordPress Security Checklist

A thorough WordPress security checklist with 14 practical checks to ensure your WordPress website is very secure that are relatively easy to act on, no matter what registrar or web host you're using. Find out how to secure your WordPress site quickly and easily right now.

The Best WordPress Themes in 2015

What Makes The Best Theme? One of the most important decisions with a Wordpress website is which theme to use. Your theme can and will...

How To Setup & Use A WordPress Child Theme

Hacking plugins and themes after every update is lame, that's why you should use a Wordpress child theme! Read this to find out why & how to do so!

A Better Way To Find The Most Popular WordPress Themes

WordPress Sniffer is a Google Chrome extension that detects WordPress themes and displays usage statistics on its website.

How To Use a Custom Stylesheet in WordPress

Learn why you should use a custom stylesheet in WordPress and how to properly create and use one to save yourself time and avoid browser cache issues.

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