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Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress with Google Authenticator

A guide to setting up two-factor authentication on any WordPress website with Google Authenticator for free in order to further improve WordPress security.

How To Auto-Tweet WordPress Blog Posts w/ Tweetily

How & why to auto-tweet your WordPress blog posts using the free WordPress plugin Tweetily. Also includes how to customize Tweetily to make it better.

How To Make a WordPress Landing Page Template w/ Gravity Forms

A step-by-step guide to making your own custom landing page template in WordPress with Gravity Forms.

How To Identify WordPress Plugins On Any WordPress Website

I had someone contact me recently that wanted to know what the name of the WordPress Plugin I was using on my sidebar for social media. I'm used to just getting this info on my own using Google Chrome's inspect element feature, as it works for the vast majority of WordPress Plugins. Usually there is a class or ID in the HTML code that reveals its name. Since its clear that not everyone does this, I thought I'd provide a guide on how to do this to benefit those who aren't doing this already. So here's how to identify the name of a WordPress plugin on someone else's website without having to ask them for it (at least in most cases this works).

How To Setup Google’s Verified Authorship in WordPress with Yoast’s WordPress...

UPDATE: Google has officially stopped supporting Google Authorship. So there's no longer any point in implementing what's explained in this blog post. Want to get...

How to setup a CDN in WordPress Using WP Super Cache

Anyone that takes their website seriously should use a CDN. If you take your website seriously and it runs on WordPress, here's an easy guide on how to set one up.

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