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How To Auto-Tweet WordPress Blog Posts w/ Tweetily

How & why to auto-tweet your WordPress blog posts using the free WordPress plugin Tweetily. Also includes how to customize Tweetily to make it better.

Google+ Content Marketing Sharing Strategies, Tips & Tricks

Google+ is an amazing channel for marketing your content. I have found it to be an absolutely invaluable resource for promoting my blog's content, even with my relatively pathetic reach. If you're not taking advantage of it yet, you [EXPLETIVE DELETED] should be! If you do take advantage of Google+ for content marketing, here are some strategies, tips & tricks for maximizing your content's exposure regardless of your reach.

How To Setup Google’s Verified Authorship in WordPress with Yoast’s WordPress...

UPDATE: Google has officially stopped supporting Google Authorship. So there's no longer any point in implementing what's explained in this blog post. Want to get...

12 Tips to Boost Your Content’s Social Shares

12 actionable tips to help you maximize the exposure of your content via social shares.

The Social Media Content Sharing Automation Framework

This framework is designed to save time and maximize exposure by automating the process of sharing manually curated content with your followers. This is...

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