Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers & Web Developers in 2013

Theme Sniffer

Detects the WordPress theme for the website currently being viewed.

Theme Sniffer Chrome Extension Screenshot

WordPress Plugin Sniffer

Detects the WordPress plugins being used on the website currently being viewed.

WordPress Plugin Sniffer Chrome Extension Screenshot

BuiltWith Technology Profiler

Detects the technologies being used on the website currently being viewed.
BuiltWith Technology Profiler Chrome Extension Screenshot

Web Developer

Offers an insane array of spectacular tools for web developers.
Web Developer Chrome Extension Screenshot

ColorPick Eyedropper

The best way to identify specific colors on a website.
ColorPick Eyedropper Chrome Extension Screenshot


Makes it easy to share content.
Buffer Chrome Extension Screenshot


Allows you to store links for future review without cluttering up your bookmarks. You can also automate social posting of your Pocketed content with The Social Media Content Sharing Automation Framework.
Pocket Chrome Extension Screenshot


Makes it easy to connect with people you exchange emails with on social media channels.
Rapportive Chrome Extension Screenshot

Alexa Traffic Rank

Provides quick access to Alexa statistics for the website currently being viewed.
Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension Screenshot


Provides quick access to SimilarWeb statistics for the website currently being viewed.
SimilarWeb Chrome Extension Screenshot

PageRank Status

Shows the Google PageRank of the specific URL currently being viewed and additional stats if you open it up.
PageRank Status Chrome Extension Screenshot


Makes it really easy to identify fonts being used on any website.
WhatFont Chrome Extension Screenshot


Allows you to easily scrape & export content that is consistently formatted.
Scraper Chrome Extension Screenshot


Provides useful link data and some on-page SEO analysis features for the website currently being viewed.
Mozbar Chrome Extension Screenshot

Evernote Web Clipper

A powerful tool for clipping, notating, capturing, annotating and storing content for future consumption.

Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Extension Screenshot


Provides an incredibly easy way to share content on all your favorite social channels.

Sharaholic Chrome Extension Screenshot

Allows you to easily create & manage your shortened URLs. Chrome Extension Screenshot

Meta SEO Inspector

Provides a concise, behind-the-scenes look at all the meta information scattered throughout the code of the website currently being viewed.

Meta SEO Inspector Chrome Extension Screenshot


  1. Fantastic, @Andy. thank you. i could have used a few of these (and DID use few others) this week. fwiw I sometimes use Evernote for curating and sharing too. great list.

  2. Well on the ball and informative list here Andy.. Thanks very much sir.. you’ve helped clear up some finer aspects relevant to sharing and WordPress! Your information here is priceless to them that seek it!..


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