The Secret

I simply enhanced the professionalism of my extension’s small tile promotional image and added similar large tile and marquee promotional images.

The Extension

The extension I’m referring to here is called Theme Sniffer. It simply detects any given theme or template being used on web sites built in Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. The original version was first published in the Chrome Web Store on May 22, 2012. I built it because I personally wanted such an extension and it did not yet exist.

The Original Chrome Web Store Promotional Image

The New Chrome Web Store Promotional Images

The Results

The Data

Note that those increases stand regardless of the viral blog post that shot up the numbers drastically on November 3rd and 4th and they are regardless, still that significant! If we removed that fluke event’s data from the 2012-11-01 through 2012-11-08 average the increase would be even more spectacular!

In fact, if we assumed something more average such as 700 impressions and 25 installations on November 3rd and 4th, the increase would amount to a whopping growth of 1,539% in impressions and 192% in installations!

The Takeaway

Don’t be lazy! Make the extra effort to design professional, consistent, promotional images in all sizes for your Chrome Extension, because the payoff can be HUGE!

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Andy Forsberg
Marketer, Entrepreneur and Blogger at Penguin Initiatives
Andy Forsberg is a digital marketer in Minneapolis, MN and has been developing profitable websites for over 17 years. Andy is an expert at digital marketing and front-end web development. He is known for his Google Analytics, Salesforce, SEO & WordPress expertise. Andy is also the creator of the open source Sexy Author Bio WordPress Plugin (the plugin being used to present Andy's bio to you right now) and the Chrome extension that detects WordPress Themes and Hosts known as WPSNIFFER.

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