How To Setup Retargeting with AdRoll

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This is a guide to retargeting. What it is, how it works, why you should do it, how much it costs and a step-by-step guide on how to do it w/ AdRoll.
Continue CloudFlare Setup

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CloudFlare is a web service that makes websites faster and more secure. It offers a free CDN service, combined with optimization & security features.
Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers & Web Developers in 2013

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A manually-curated list of the best Chrome Extensions currently available that make bloggers' and web developers' lives easier.
Qubit Opentag Tag Management Settings Screenshot

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Using a tag management service such as Qubit allows you to easily keep track of all your tags via a centralized dashboard. Here is how and why to do it.
The Social Media Content Sharing Automation Framework

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This framework is designed to save time and maximize exposure by automating the process of sharing manually curated content with your followers. This is...
How To Quickly & Easily Fix (Speed Up) Your Slow PC

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I find myself helping others with their PC problems very often. Generally people don’t take care of their computers and over time they get bogged down with garbage (viruses, spyware, adware, cookies, temporary files, expired registry entries, etc.). Fortunately there are very simple methods and free tools available to address these issues, they just don’t know where to look or what to use. It’s even worse because sometimes programs that supposedly fix these issues actually cause even more problems. This is why they tend to come to me for help. So here’s my guide to quickly & easily fixing (speeding up) your slow PC.
Theme Sniffer Screenshot

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Recently I wrote about How I Increased My Extension's Chrome Web Store Impressions 1,112% in only 15 Minutes. Since then the Theme Sniffer extension has not...
How To Manage Passwords Effectively Using KeePass Password Safe

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How to manage passwords using Keepass Password Safe combined with Dropbox for a highly-effective and free cloud-based password management system.
SEO Chrome Extensions

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SEO for Chrome Pros: Reports on a ton of different SEO stats Cons: Slow Frequently breaks for random data points SEOMoz Mozbar Pros: Tons of great information in sexy interface Cons: Need SEOMoz Pro...




A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting Review

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If you want lightning-fast SSD WordPress hosting at a fair price and you don’t want or need WordPress managed for you, A2 Hosting is the way to go.