How To Increase Organic Blog Website Traffic Easily

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Creating great content is tough to say the least. If you go through the effort of making great content, you want to maximize its...
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Yeah yeah yeah, so everyone's doing 2012 SEO predictions and mine are a little late. I've taken the liberty of breaking them down by obvious and non-obvious. The obvious ones are overdone and all over the place. The non-obvious ones I've come up with are unique. I take pleasure in reporting on NEW ideas. I've included some obvious ones that are so obvious I just had to include them and explain why they are indeed obvious. So take some time and learn about some predictions that you haven't already read about several hundred times over! Oh and guess what, the image you see above that's all about (not provided), I would hope that you could infer with your spectacular intelligence that it is indeed a screenshot related to one of the NON-OBVIOUS predictions. I had you worried didn't I!
Conversion Rate by Keyword Length

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It's quite amazing how many web sites there are that don't do the basics. If you have a web site and you want it to succeed, then make sure you've done all of the following at the very least. This post will explain domain-wide redirects, proper page title, meta description, alt attribute, and URL usage, as well as web analytics and making sure to host all your own content on your own domain.
Open Site Explorer Link Metrics

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There's a lot that goes into assessing the value of a link. Knowing the value of a link is important, because you don't want low-quality links nor do you want to waste too much time, money or both on links that aren't truly worthwhile. The following are ten factors to take into account when assessing link acquisition targets.